The Guinea Show is a series of short videos 

   that are fun, unique, and very cute    to inspire young children    to appreciate and eat fruits and vegetables.

  Guinea’s enthusiasm and excitement about fruits and vegetables help children

develop a more positive attitude toward particular fruits and vegetables and a willingness to try them. 

  The videos were developed by Dr. Kat, a health promotion and education specialist.

Watch three of the videos in the box above!

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Hello!  Welcome!

Guinea smiling with grapefruit

Guinea smiling about grapefruit

My name is Guinea and I love vegetables and fruit!

Watch me eat! I’m cute and funny!  Kids love me!

Vegetables excite me! I eat vegetables and fruit with gusto and enthusiasm.  

Mmm mmm yummy!

What is my mission?  My purpose is to celebrate the deliciousness of vegetables and fruits and to inspire children and you to enjoy them.

You will have fun watching me eat on The Guinea Show.  See you there!

Paw Orange 20151111

Guinea vegetables and fruit!


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Coloring pages are here! On the Kids’ page, you can download and print out coloring pages of Guinea and fruits and vegetables.
All the fruits and vegetables are great for you and tasty. They might even become your favorite foods!

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Does your child eat enough fruits and vegetables? Guinea inspires children to eat more vegetables and fruit. The Guinea Show will entertain and help your child discover the importance of vegetables and fruit for good nutrition. Check out this fun and new approach.

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Guinea Show is a new and fun tool to help you improve the health of young children! Let Guinea help you inspire children to eat more healthfully. You can choose which Guinea Show video vegetable or fruit to be the Vegetable or Fruit of the Day. Each video is less than two minutes long – easy to fit in to your class.

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Health Workers

The Health page is for those concerned about the childhood obesity epidemic and how to prevent it in our newest generation of children. I have seen children of all ages smile while watching The Guinea Show. Children learn health messages while feeling positive, delighted, and comfortable with the messenger, Guinea.

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