September 27, 2019
American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine:

A Unique, Innovative, Easy-to-Use Program to Improve Young Children’s Attitudes About and Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables

Getting children to eat fruits and vegetables (FV) is an important strategy for the prevention of childhood obesity. However, efforts to increase access to FV have also resulted in many of the vegetables and fruits being wasted, leaving children without the nutritional benefits and the resources not achieving their full desired impact.
Multidisciplinary influences have shaped a new program for children ages 2 to 7 that can increase the desirability of and consumption of FV.

The Guinea Show is easy-to-use, entertaining, and low cost and features an innovative role model. Results from field tests of The Guinea Show in preschool classrooms are included and indicate that children are more likely to try FV. Brief instructions on how to use this method are described.

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February 13, 2016

Guinea pig acts as delightful guide to teach healthy eating
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October 2015

Oh Baby Family Expo likes Guinea!
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