Health Workers


Do you work in the health field? Maybe you are a pediatrician, family doctor, nurse, dietitian, or a public health professional. Or maybe you’re just interested in the health aspects of childhood obesity.

This page is for those concerned about the childhood obesity epidemic and who want to learn a new approach to help prevent it.

I am pleased to offer this helpful tool with this unique and new approach to engage children — getting their attention, their developing a positive identification and association with an unlikely, but very cute role model and ambassador of vegetables, and the powerful visual images of Guinea’s enthusiasm for vegetables and fruit.

Children seeing the guinea pig go right past the candy and cookies and choosing a vegetable is a new experience for them, a surprising choice. It opens the door to a novel perspective – can you believe that he would rather eat broccoli than sweets?


I have seen children of all ages smile while watching The Guinea Show. His cuteness is disarming and children learn health messages while feeling positive, delighted, and comfortable with the messenger, Guinea. I often see grown men smile while watching the guinea pig too!

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Parent/Teacher Guide Cover
The Parent and Teacher Guide — Fun activities to supplement The Guinea Show comes with every  Collection 1 DVD  or Web Collection 1 (20 shows) download.