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Does your child eat enough fruits and vegetables?
Have you found ways to actually get your child to try new fruits and vegetables?

Here’s a new fun approach to help influence your child to form a more positive attitude towards fruits and vegetables. Children like Guinea! They think he is cute. Guinea inspires children to eat more vegetables and fruit.

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Eating habits start early. Developing healthy eating habits now will help keep your child healthy over the years and help him or her to grow into a healthy adult. Many are worried about the childhood obesity epidemic. More children are overweight and less active than before. Some children are developing adult diseases as a result. How do we balance technology and activity in our family’s lives? How do we balance good nutrition and the modern food supply? The Guinea Show can help your child discover the importance of vegetables and fruit for good nutrition.

Peas_from Vimeo pic510946103_590x332The Guinea Show videos are short and simple, and powerful! The imagery of Guinea ignoring or passing by sweets to enthusiastically eat a vegetable or fruit is memorable. A picture is worth a 1000 words.

In field testing, children talked about Guinea at meal times at preschool. Some children were willing to eat foods they hadn’t eaten all year because Guinea ate it. A teacher shared that many of the children in her class would simply lick the cream cheese out of the celery. After her class watched Guinea eat celery, more of the children were willing to taste it. Some said they liked it!
Another preschool teacher said that the videos planted a seed in the child that would influence them to try new fruits and vegetables as they matured.


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A picture is worth a 1000 words. Your child will remember the cute guinea pig enjoying a vegetable or fruit and ignoring the sweets.

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How can you engage your child to think more about fruits and vegetables? Each DVD or downloadable Web Collection 1 comes with a Guide for Parents and Teachers with ideas for activities to supplement The Guinea Show. The Guide also includes sing-along lyrics, references and resources. Come back to our website in the future, since we plan to add more information from time to time.

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The Guinea Show Collection 1 is available by DVD or digital download.  You will be able to download the entire collection or individual episodes.

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