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Does your child eat enough fruits and vegetables?
Have you found ways to actually get your child to try new fruits and vegetables?

Here’s a fun, new, and easy approach to get your child to eat more fruits and vegetables (FV). The Guinea Show is a health promotion program for children ages 2 – 7.  The Guinea Show inspires young kids to try vegetables and fruit through a combination of education and entertainment.

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Eating habits start early. Developing healthy eating habits now will help keep your child healthy over the years and help him or her to grow into a healthy adult.

The Guinea Show program consists of videos featuring Guinea, a cute guinea pig role model who enthusiastically consumes FV, along with parent-led, easy activities to supplement the videos. Guinea embodies excitement about vegetables and fruit, eating nutritious FV with vigor. Young children are known to form parasocial relationships (attachment and friendship) with media characters, like Guinea, over time.  Genuine, safe, and cute, Guinea becomes a credible messenger of information for young children about the positive—and delicious—benefits of healthy food choices.

Like advertising, these powerful videos are short, the imagery impactful, and the song catchy.

Peas_from Vimeo pic510946103_590x332In field testing, children talked about Guinea at meal times at preschool. Some children were willing to eat foods they hadn’t eaten all year because Guinea ate them. For example, a teacher shared that the children in her class would simply lick the cream cheese out of the celery. After her class watched Guinea eat celery, more of the children were willing to taste it. Some discovered they liked celery!

The Guinea Show is easy-to-use, intuitive, and low cost.  This unique, powerful program can influence children to make healthy food choices.


Your child will remember the cute guinea pig passing by the sweets to enthusiastically eat a vegetable or fruit!

Children learn by observation and role models.  Furthermore, The Guinea Show incorporates multidisciplinary influences of health education, social cognitive theory, psychology, nutrition, music, imagery, early literacy, and parasocial relationships.

The “Parent and Teacher Guide. Fun activities to supplement The Guinea Show” includes easy activities, sing-along lyrics, references and resources.

To date, 22 shows are available on the Streaming Membership site or as HD digital downloadable files and 20 shows are available on DVD. Each Guinea Show video is under two minutes long.

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The Guinea Show Collection 1 DVD