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The Guinea Show is a new and fun tool to help you improve the health of young children! Children like Guinea! Let Guinea help you inspire children to eat more healthfully. Guinea models exuberance toward vegetables and fruit. Children appreciate that Guinea is cute! They will be more willing to try a new fruit or vegetable.

Read what Naomi, a Honolulu-based preschool director has to say about The Guinea Show →

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You are key as you have influence with our young children and spend a lot of time with them. Many of your schools too want to help improve the health of young children. Many of you are concerned about young children being overweight and obese. Being overweight as a young child often leads to health problems in childhood and adult life. The current thinking about making a difference is to work with younger children to help promote positive health behaviors and attitudes.

Guinea with a peach slice

The Fruit of the Day is the Peach!

You can choose the vegetable or fruit from the DVD to be the Vegetable or Fruit of the Day. You might coordinate the vegetable or fruit of the day to match what you are serving that day, if applicable. Then play that selected segment of The Guinea Show to your class.

In field testing, teachers played it at least twice. The amount of times to play it is up to you. Each segment of The Guinea Show is less than two minutes long.

After you show the video, you can discuss it with the children. The Teacher’s Guide includes simple discussion questions to encourage the children to talk about their experience with the Vegetable or Fruit of the Day. They also hear other children’s experiences which provides some peer influence too. Some of the discussion questions help to draw out positive family influence as well.

Parent/Teacher Guide CoverThe Teacher’s Guide also provides other activities that you can use to help children become more familiar with and comfortable with vegetables and fruits. This website is still young itself. As it grows, additional information and links to nutrition resources, recipes, and activities will be posted.

Lastly, you are invited to write to us on the Blog page on this website and share your experiences. Let us and other teachers know about your ideas from using The Guinea Show in your classroom. Please let us know the age range of your children and the type of setting. Also, feel free to upload pictures. Be sure you have a photo release from parents before sending us a picture to publish. Send a copy of the photo release to humans@GuineaShow.com so we have the release on file to cover the photo remaining on our site. We will not publish children’s names or locations.

Thank you for your interest in The Guinea Show and caring about our children. Do stay in touch with us.

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