Guinea chomping on a carrot

Chomp crunch carrot!

Hi there!

My name is Guinea! I love fruits and vegetables! I’m cute and fluffy, and I’m funny too. When I eat, my ears move.

What is your favorite fruit or vegetable? I love to crunch on some carrots or apples. I hope you will like eating fruits and vegetables after watching The Guinea Show. Can you sing my song? It’s fun!

Every day is a celebration of fruits and vegetables!

Can you name the vegetables or fruit that are in the photo below?Version 2

Coloring pages are here that you can download!   With some help, you can download and print out coloring pages of myself and fruits and vegetables.

All the fruits and vegetables are great for you and tasty. They might even become your favorite foods!  I really hope you and I can become friends.  Have fun coloring!

Guinea     Paw Orange Background 20151111



Coloring pages are here!

Click to download a print-friendly PDF

Click to download a print-friendly PDF