Nutrition Promotion

We believe learning can be fun!
To change our behavior around eating takes more than information.
The natural world has lessons to teach us humans.



Our Principles

We help create a positive attitude towards vegetables and fruit as we celebrate them. We aim to inspire young children to try particular vegetables and fruit.

Vegetables and fruits are yummy as well as nutritious.

Animals enrich our lives in many ways, and in particular, this cute, fluffy guinea pig does. Smiling and laughing at Guinea's antics as he eats makes us feel good and relax. He also shows us what eating is about -- good nutrition and the goodness of vegetables and fruits. His disinterest in processed sweets shows us that these items are not real food to him.

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Our Team

  • Thank you to all who helped
    Many people helped to bring you The Guinea Show. A.
  • Guinea
    Guinea excels at eating vegetables. He is smart and knows.
  • Dr. Kat
    Dr. Kat is the creator of The Guinea Show. She.
  • Jacob
    Jacob Akira is the main narrator of The Guinea Show..
  • Dr. Darrow Hand
    Dr. Darrow Hand is The Guinea Show editor and videographer..